I Hate Children Children's Show wins Editor's Choice Award - Named Best Children's Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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I Hate Children Children’s Show named Best Children’s Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

(Edinburgh, Scotland –July 16, 2012)  ThreeWeeks Magazine presents the coveted Editor’s Choice Award to Paul Nathan and John Anaya for the best children’s show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011.  In addition ThreeWeeks Magazine editor’s selected The I Hate Children Children’s Show as one of the 10 Best Events at the Fringe (out of 3,000 plus events each day).

Surprised to win

“We were gob smacked” says musical co-star John Anaya “We spent two years pouring out our hearts and souls to create a show that was unique and special… This wasn’t it.  We did IHC to pay for the show that should have won and to meet hot moms. Ah well, there is no accounting for taste.”

Over the past two years the show has received more five star reviews than any other kid show their size.  “We tried to create a magic show for families that we would want to see. Something that’s fun for us, for the kids, and for parents.” Says Paul Nathan “we never set out win anything. I was blown away when we found out about he award.” About the show, Nathan says “It’s the same routines that we do for adults I just try not to say #$%@! so often”.  

Concern for the future

John and Paul hope winning this award will get more folks interested in the show. “Of course it also paints a target on our backs for the press and for jealous children’s performers.” Says IHC spokesperson Kamee Abrahamian. “We hope the award peaks the interest of families who want to see something fun and origional, but it also sets a pretty high expectation for what is basically a couple of fat guys screwing around on stage.

Dangerous competition

There is also a possibilty of retaliation from performers in the kids show scene.  "Have you ever talked to them? They are crazy with their rainbow hats and muscley arms…" Says Abrahamian.  "Sure they seem nice enough with their cute smiles and clean pressed shirts and their little bags of balloons and treats for the wee ones.  But when they find out that you won an award and they didn’t or when you tell them that you need more space and need to start dating someone who doesn’t live with their mom they get that far off look in their eyes that is reserved for serial killers and religious nutters. It’s cutthroat business both literally and figuratively.  I am afraid.”

About the award

The Editor’s Choice Awards are presented by 3 Weeks Magazine at the conclusion of the festival each year.  The show is making the announcement now because no one cares what happens after the festival.  It was only important going into this year’s event.

The I Hate Children Children’s Show plays at 12:15 daily at The Pleasance Courtyard, Beside Theater. The show sells out so get your tickets in advance at IHateChildren.com.  Show spokeswoman Kamee Abrahamian is currently in hiding after a recent breakup with Billy the Kidshow Entertainer.

Pictures are available for publication at:  www.ihatechldren.com/pictures/press
What: The I Hate Children Children’s Show
Where: The Pleasance Courtyard, Beside Theatre  -  www.pleasance.co.uk
When: August 1st – 28th 2012 @ 12:15 hrs (12:15 pm) 60 mins
Cost: £8-10
Age: suitable for 8 yrs and up
Writers contact Kamee Abrahamian for interviews or to review the show: kamee@ihatechildren.com
Show info: ihatechildren.com
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