Watch the candy in the center. Don’t let your eyes wander, stare directly at the candy and get close to the screen.

Once it stops spinning look at something else. Weird huh?

Rubberize your brain with the Hypno Disk!

Don't worry, this effect only lasts a few seconds and the only permanent change to your brain will be the memory of doing something fun.

This is a re creation of the original Hypno Disc created by the great magician and illusion maker Jerry Andrus. I originally saw this in an issue of OMNI magazine in the early 1980's. You cut it out of the magazine, glued it to some cardboard, punched a hole in the middle and spun it on a turntable, which is what the cavemen used to listen to music. Here's some pictures of my original disk more than 30 years old.

Bob (the web and video guy here at IHC)

Jerry Andrus Hypno Disc

Jerry Andrus Hypno Disk