Here are a few videos that we like. Enjoy.

I'm a Little Teapot

Damp Rabbit posted this fun video. It is well animated, cute, and has a surprise ending.  It's great for children and for parents.  Interestingly, the project was never intended for children, wide distribution, or for Youtube.  In fact, it was created five years before YouTube began. 


The Elephant Song

This fun and silly song by Eric Herman Music is one of the few songs on this list that will not make you want to hang yourself with brightly colored yarn.  


The Duck Song

Bryant Oden delivers this cute little story in the form of a song. It's cute and charming.  How educational it is may be debatable unless the education you are shooting for is how to deliver an old joke in a song format.


Goofy - How To Be A Sailor

From Disney Originals. Disney has a whole host of YoutTube channels which deliver a variety of content.  This is far and away the least commercial and the most fun. It's a whole channel of old Disney videos with popular characters like Goofy and Pluto. This video is great and the channel is fantastic, but be warned, parents who plop their kids down in front of this channel in the hopes of keeping the little one's busy so mommy or daddy can get a little work done are as likely to find themselves mesmerized as they are to free up their day.. So if you have things to do this may not be for you. In fact, the writing of this article was delayed by hours because of the "research" on Disney Originals.


Double Take Bear

Another Damp Rabbit creation. This one teaches a classic bit of physical comedy that should be popular with sarcastic and "ironic" children.  


The ABC Song

Little Baby Bum is the creator of this video along with tons of others which are all available on their channel. There are hundreds of versions of this classic children's songs. This is one of the best for it's fine singing, great music, and fantastic animation.  Not only will the music and singing be slightly less annoying for parents who have to listen to it ad nauseum but the English accents of the singers may rub off on your child giving them the appearance of being charmingly British.  


Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

The Mother Goose Club has a ton of great nursery rhymes set to music. This is one of the few videos on this list with live actors. A lot of what they do is as good as it gets for very young children's music videos but they are definitely at their best when singing and dancing (as opposed to when they are "acting").  


The Shape Song

KidsTV123 has a channel with more than a hundred videos, almost a billion downloads, and minimal ads, best of all the production is all simple but clean. The comments section is full of praise from parents. 


Twinkle Twinkle 

SuperSimpleSongs has nearly a billion downloads all told, making them the number one content producer on youtube.  They are a powerhouse in edutainment for very young children. The company says they make educational materials by teachers for teachers. Some of the videos are better than others. Their version of Row Row Row Your Boat, for instance. Though the simple, melody is great for young ones, it’s a never ending ground hog day of Sisyphusian proportion which will challenge the sanity of any human over the age of three.