Named Best Children's Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by ThreeWeeks Magazine.

Our San Francisco show includes delicious treats for boys and girls and yummy adult beverages for moms and dads. We do have a two item minimum:

French Fries3 1 Ihatekidsballoon


Deviled Eggs


Daily Dessert

New magic and music for 2014!

If you are looking for the number one show for magic and fun but hate boring kids shows than you are in the right place. If you want the best show for your kids with live music, a fat magician, and fun for youngsters that won't make you want to spit up in your sippy cup, then you have come to the right place. Finally here's a show that you will love as much as your little ones do. A show that treats kids as if they have a brain and leaves adults laughing, mystified, and happy. A show filled with magic, danger, and excitement for you and your spawn. A show that invites parents to imbib in adult beverages when the lights go out.

The tricks are simple, visual, and fun, perfect for families. The humor is non stop and everyone gets to help out.

Behind all of this is Paul Nathan and Ken Newman.  Paul is one of the best magicians working in the world today.  Paul has performed for royalty, presidents, on TV, in Films, and in theaters around the world.  This is the show he created for his nieces and nephews, a show that is fun for the kids and hilarious for the adults. The show plays San Francisco through July 26th then Edinburgh, Scotland from July 30th through Agust 25th every day.

The show plays in San Francisco at 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays from June 21 through July 27.

We play 30 July through 25 August at the Pleasance Attic in Edinburgh at 12:35 Daily.

If you love love your children take them to see the I Hate Children Children’s Show. The best family show in the world

What: The I Hate Children Children's Show

The San Jose Improv - Weekends May 3rd through June 1st 3pm

San Francisco weekends in June and July at 3pm.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Pleasance Attic Theater - 12:40 Daily July 30 through August 25th

Christchurch - New Zealand in January - Teacup tent daily at 3pm

Seattle - USA in February - Hale's Paladium Saturdays 1pm and 3:30 - Sundays 1pm Feb 8-23

Get I Hate Children T Shirts, magic tricks, DVDs, and CDs afer the show!