Magician, Comedian, MILK Hunter (MILK stand for Moms I'd Like to Kiss).

Paul Nathan

Paul performs magic all over the world. Star of Dark Kabaret, Devil in the Deck, Thrill Show, and Twisted Cabaret. You have seen Paul on HBO, MTV, and even Star Trek voyager. Paul is currently starring in The I Hate Children Chidren's Show daily in San Francisco. This year Paul performs IHC and and Hour of Magic nightly in Christchurch, New Zealand in January - Twisted Cabaret and IHC in Seattle in February - FE in Germany March - IHC in May at the San Jose Improv. Paul likes sunsets, unicorns, and long walks on the beach.
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Magician Paul DabekPaul Dabek is the waifish Brit with the razor sharp wit. He’s fast, funny, and even meaner to children than the fat American magician. Dabek is an award winning magician, a hilarious chap, and a true hater of the pre-teen set.






Musician, troubadour, lover of wine, women, and song.

Ken Newman

Ken Newman is a fantastic actor, singer, and comedian. Ken is currently working on the new I Hate Children Children's CD which should drop in time for the 2014 Edinburgh Festival in August.  With rock re-imaginings of London Bridge, There was an Old Woman and The Wheels on the Bus Ken is breaking the mold for children's music.

Ken is a parent, and artist, and the best dresser of anyone in the cast.  When not in the studio slaving away over a hot track, rides bikes around Europe, photographs pretty places, and generally leads the life and a decadent empty nest parent.



Puppeteer, juggler, winner of the IHC Sexiest Puppeteer Award for 2012.Thomas Truman John staff writer for The I Hate Children Childrens Show
Thomas John is our head writer. When he isn't touring his own comedy and juggling show Thomas is hunkered down at Whoop Laugh, his comedy writing company. Thomas is responsible for several new routines every year and manages the twitter and social media campaigns. We think he is very funny. If you want to hire him to make you funny visit
Actually, don't. We don't want you to use up all his funny on whatever your stupid project is and leave none for us.


Contributing Writer, Graphic Artist, All around good egg.

bob mendelsohn is our web genius and creative springboard for the show that loves to hate kids.Master of all things internet, Bob's I'm a Little Teapot videos have gone viral.  Over 45 million kids world wide have enjoyed the Teapot video and millions more have enjoyed Bob's other YouTube projects. Bob desdigns, creates, and manages websites for a wide variety of businesses especially artists, theaters, and bands. He can be found at Damp Rabbit.

Bob is also a world class juggler and one of the funniest people we know.  This photo is Bob with Bobcat on the set of Shakes The Clown. Bob spent a few days helping Bobcat be a bad clown. 


Burlesque dancer, international business woman and all around hottie.

Kamee Abrahamian, associtate producer of Ed Fringe's best children's show

Kamee's job as associate producer on this show spans a lot of job descriptions.  She handles all of our press connections and public relations.  Which is a good thing as neither Paul nor John are presentable human beings most of the time. Kamee is also the one who manages our relationships with other organizations and partnerships with other theater companies. She's the kind of lady who makes a man wish he was a better person so he could be worthy of such a strong, sexy, smart, woman and bit of hot krumpet.  Kamee's other projects include production work with Re-Circle Collective and Blood Ballet Cabaret. Kamee is here to meet people and make friends both for the show and for herself so send her a note or hit us up at the show. Kamee wants to meet you.


VIP laison, merch girl, and professional niece.

jordan nathan

Jordan's job as associate producer is based almost completely on nepetism.  Jordan is Paul's niece so she gets to be a princess.  When not greeting our VIP's Jordan takes photos of the kids, meets and greets and helps make sure that everyone gets the right size Tshirt after the show.  Plus she is awesome at making kids do jumping jacks before, during, and after the show.