I Hate Children Children's Show

Editor's choice award for Best Children's Show and "Top 10" things to do at the fringe - from 3 Weeks Magazine

Edinburgh Spotlight

Even before you enter the show, the Bad Magician (also known as Paul Nathan) is outside, welcoming you to his lair, whip in hand.  He greets his audience with high fives, and you get the feeling that he’s really glad to have you there.  His assistant, John, plays electric guitar throughout, and provides an edgy background to the tricks at hand.

For all the children in the audience, there’s a promise, which is fulfilled in due course, to get everyone up on stage to help with some of the magic tricks – but if you don’t want to go, that’s ok too.

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Three Weeks Editors Pick

First a confession: the jaded cynicism expressed in this show's title may have resonated with me a little too much prior to viewing. Nevertheless, it is now with confident objectivity that I attest to the genuine all round wonderfulness of this comedic show! Magician Paul Nathan exudes unpretentious charisma by the bucket load and, assisted by his equally personable sidekick Al, each and every child is invited to partake in at least one of his mesmerising magic tricks. Sharp and full of dry humour, Nathan unashamedly indulges in a spot of playful child-mockery - something which can evoke an initial sense of audience shock. It is not long, however, before shock morphs into laughter from all corners. Cannot recommend enough!


Three Weeks Rating: 5/5

Published: Aug-2010


Fringe Review

Low Down:  Not only a magician, but also a king of witty banter, Paul Nathan along with musician John Anaya spend 45 minutes ‘wowing the crowd’ incorporating every child in the audience (a promise he keeps), and reducing everyone to tears … of laughter!



True or not, the suggestion by Paul Nathan that he is only performing a children’s show at the Edinburgh Fringe because he lost a bet, creates the comic tone that continues throughout this magic show.
Whilst he claims in his title to actually hate children, his intention, according to his website, is that everyone is a star in his show.  This he achieves easily as he ensures that each child in the audience is included at least once, assisting him on stage, and having their photo taken with him, so that no-one goes home disappointed.

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Show Information

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Pleasance Courtyard - Beside Theater
60 Pleasance
Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ
Time: 12:15 Daily
August 1-27 2012

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