I Hate Children Children's Show

Meet the best cast and crew at the festival.

Paul Nathan - Celebrity Magician

Magician, Comedian, MILK Hunter (MILK stand for Moms I'd Like to Kiss).

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Paul performs magic all over the world. Star of Dark Kabaret (2000-2010), Devil in the Deck (edfringe 2010 and 2011), Thrill Show, and Twisted Cabaret. You have seen Paul on HBO, MTV, and even Star Trek voyager.   Paul is currently is co-starring in the Quilitz show on tour in Germany through December 2012 and Dubai in January 2013. 

Keep up with Paul on Facebook at facebook.com/paulnathan

John Anaya - Musical Director

Musician, troubadour, lover of wine, women, and song, and beer.

John Anaya plays music to woo hot single moms at Edinburgh's best children's show.

John is a voting member of the Grammys.  For 2012 his new album,  I Hate Children's Music, drops at the Edinburgh Festival. CDs will be available at the show.  When not creating and performing his own music John produces other artists like Jill Tracy, Revenge of Paco, Face the Giant and more.

John is a parent, and artist, and has the biggest head of anyone in the cast.  His largeheadedness is cause for remarks lke "Wow! That guys has an enormous head!" or "My goodness Mable, have you ever seen such an enormous head?".  Feel free to comment on John's head size at the show.

John will be performing at the Captain's Bar August 4th, 11th, and 25th.  On August 6th Paul and John will be doing a magic and music show at The Royal Oak. All of these shows are performed without tickets.  Donations are encouraged after the show.  T Shirts, CDs, and DVDs will be available and we will hang out for photos and autorgraphs.


Thomas Truman John - Staff Writer

 puppeteer, juggler, winner of the IHC Sexiest Puppeteer Award for 2012.Thomas Truman John staff writer for The I Hate Children Childrens Show

TJ is a comedian, pupetteer, writer, juggler, and fun guy to hang out with. Thomas just finished a six month European tour with Base and last year made the finals for America's Got Talent.

Thomas wrote two of our favorite videos, KinderWhips and Anti-Energy.  He is also the creative force behind many of the routines in our show.  Musical Chairs, Hangman, and a number of other routines either were created by Thomas or improved by him.

Thomas writes all of our tweets - Follow him on twitter @ihatechildren

Kamee Abrahamian - Associate Producer

Burlesque dancer, international business woman and all around hottie.

Kamee Abrahamian, associtate producer of Ed Fringe's best children's show

Kamee's job as associate producer on this show spans a lot of job descriptions.  She handles all of our press connections and public relations.  Which is a good thing as neither Paul nor John are presentable

most of the time.  Kamee is also the one who manages our relationships with other organizations and partnerships with other theater companies. . The kind of lady who makes a man wish he was a better person so

he could be worthy of such a strong, sexy, smart, bit of hot krumpet.  Kamee other projects include production work with

Re-Circle Collective and Blood Ballet Cabaret. Kamee is here to meet people and make friends both for the show and for herself so send her a note or hit us up at the show. Kamee wants to meet you.


Bob Mendelsohn - Webmaster

Contributing Writer, Graphic Artist, All around good egg.


bob mendelsohn is our web genius and creative springboard for the show that loves to hate kids.Master of all things internet Bob's I'm a Little Teapot video has gone viral.  Over 35 million kids world wide have enjoyed the Teapot video and millions more have enjoyed Bob's other YouTube projects. Bob desdigns, creates, and manages websites for a wide variety of businesses especially artists, theaters, and bands. Check out his work at Damp Rabbit.

Bob is also a world class juggler and one of the funniest people we know.  This is Bob with Bobcat on the set of Shakes The Clown. Bob spent a few days teaching Bobcat how to be a bad clown. 

Show Information

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Pleasance Courtyard - Beside Theater
60 Pleasance
Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ
Time: 12:15 Daily
August 1-27 2012

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Devil in the Deck

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